transparency is Best practice

At Broadwalk, our landlords and occupiers are very receptive to our paperless approach to property management.

"In 2011 I brought forward the idea of a paperless approach to property management and this approach won us ‘Britain’s Best SME’ in 2012. This approach became favourable to landlords and tenants, because it offered greater transparency and more importantly, speed of information."
Daniel Hawkins
Daniel hawkins
Company Founder and Director

Paperless management service

It has been proven that allowing for instant access to documentation contributes to a significant reduction in both time and costs during the conveyance of any letting or sale.


Landlords are already benefiting from

  • Proactive management
  • Renewing tenants
  • Increased rentals
  • Reduced time in the conveyancing of new lettings
  • Cost savings for empty properties

Instant Access

Our bespoke cloud management system allows 24/7 downloadable access to live service charge information and building documentation. This includes leases and associated records relating to the property.

Common Sense

Our Ethos

We adopt a common-sense approach to service charges that offers a unique advantage to both landlords and tenants.

Our fixed fee approach allows for reduced service charges. Tenants desire savings in their property expenditure and are very responsive to offsetting a percentage against a rental increase.

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